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Benefits Of Gas Fires


Gas Fires are an extremely popular choice for many families which is no surprise as they have so many great benefits. Whether you have a period property or a modern home we are confident that we can find the perfect gas fire for you. So if you are thinking of replacing your old worn out fire with a stunning new one then take a look at the benefits that a gas fire could bring to your home:


One of the big advantages of gas fires is that they can be fitted in a variety of different chimneys meaning they are ideal for most rooms. Some gas fires even have direct-vent technology which simply requires a single ventilation pipe to be run through the outside wall of your home. Other types of gas fires available include ventless gas fires which don’t require any external ventilation at all!

Clean and Efficient

An obvious advantage of gas fires is that the natural gas burns cleanly meaning there is no mess, just a beautiful clean flame. Unlike the gas fires of the past, modern gas fires are also extremely energy efficient. The modern technology of today’s gas fires means that many are capable of delivering over 80% efficiency and heat outputs of 4.0kW keeping your room warm and costs down.


Design is a big element of gas fires and there so many different styles to choose from. As with traditional fireplaces, gas fires are often the focal point of a room and can add a lot of elegance to any home. Regardless of your decor you will be able to find a gas fire to match, whether it’s a rustic traditional fireplace or a modern glass fronted wall fire. If you can’t find the fire you’re looking for be sure to contact us as we’ll do our best to find it for you.


One of the main reasons why people decide to choose gas fires is for their convenience. Without sacrificing the pleasure and ambience of a real flame, gas fires are extremely convenient and can be lit with the push of a button. Some manufacturers even produce gas fires with remote controls which make them even easier to use, especially for the elderly as you don’t have to bend down to light them.

Consistent Heat

Gas fires produce a constant and consistent heat so that your room can be easily kept warm and cosy. If the flames and heat are getting too high you can simply reduce the temperature with the push of a button or twist of a knob. As mentioned previously some gas fires even come with a remote control making those temperature adjustments even easier!

Here at Period Design Centre we have a huge range of gas fireplaces which is growing daily. Take a look around our website to view our latest stock and if you can’t find what you’re looking please contact us on 01472 345780 and we’ll do our very best to find it for you.

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